A social hub that amplifies the dynamic potential of women.

This project raises the awareness of female power, redress the inequality in professional spaces and declare attitudes against persistent social discrriminations.


Professional Network/Leftover Women剩女/

3-High Women/ Future in China...


Project Overview



 Sheng nu'

In the past few decades, there has been a rise in the number of single,unmarried professional women in China, which is known as ‘leftover women’.


If women were one thing in nature......

Clouds are the holy shrines in the sky:they are pure and undefiled. They have the same attributes as women such as they are both capricious, referring to the rather sentimental or sensitive traits in their bodies.

Electrification in clouds

​​​The powerful electricity, with a tone of grace, softness and movement.

Clouds that contain hidden power just like most of the Asian women who know how to hide their capacities and bide their time to create storms. They may look calm or resigned on the outside but never stop seeking for independent and revolutionary changes on the inside.








|Women-only Lobby|

wandering around.


A space that would draw people in and create a sense of excitement and an element of surprise.

|Women-only Lobby|

Unlike the existing female-only clubs in the west today, men are not excluded but are able to access certain levels in CLOUT.


Gathering from the ground, the rising-steam structure provides visitors a compelling visual experience as they pass by.


The structure consequently attracting people to enter the salon and enjoy this cloud surrounded, sky flowing wonderland.


Spatial distance and emotional distance in interpersonal communication coexist differently.


As a warm welcome for people expecting sweet talks with each other, and to share the best taste of coffee/tea and its culture.

|Women-only Lobby|

|Self Check-in|



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